Episode #000 - Trailer: What's 'Study Notes' All About Then?

Mar 22, 2021

Haaauuuge welcome to the Squirm-Free School of Business' brand new podcast 'Study Notes'!

In this nifty lil' trailer, you'll meet our host, cliche-busting Sales and Business Coach Katy Prince and find out exactly what the upcoming episodes have in store.

Pricing, goal-setting, sales conversations, launch-strategy, marketing, inclusivity, course-creation, confidence-building, boundary setting and MORE?! We've got everything an ethical entrepreneur could need to get clear on their sales, service and strategy!

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Katy Prince:
And welcome to the Study Notes podcast. This is the podcast for ethical entrepreneurs who want to work on their sales, their skills, their surveys, and their strategy in a way that doesn't make you feel icky. If that sounds like you, then stick around because this might just be the podcast for you, my friend. So this podcast is brought to you by the Squirm-free School of Business. I am your host Katy Prince, and I'm absolutely obsessed, and I mean obsessed, with helping folks get the sales that they deserve inside of their service-based business without yucky and outdated tactics.

So you've stumbled across this podcast and I want to just introduce myself formally. Formally, informally, it's all good. I am a former freelance copywriter turned sales coach and master certified success coach. I'm also the CEO of the Squirm-Free School of Business. And when I first started my online business, I found that I never really fit in with mainstream entrepreneurial culture, all the smoke and mirrors tactics, all the hyper-gendered language, piling on scarcity and pressure and FOMO and all of this stuff. It left me feeling well, rather squirmy. Hence, the Squirm-Free School of Business. So I'm really excited to use this podcast as a way to share the exact skills, processes and methodologies that have helped me build a wildly successful and squirm-free business over the past few years, and that I've used to help my top pain clients do the same. So you're getting a pretty nifty deal here on this podcast. We're holding nothing back.

So let me just give you a very quick lowdown on why I do what I do, why this is important, why I've decided to start this podcast. And really what it comes down to is the fact that the online space, the online services and coaching industry is huge. In fact, the coaching side of it alone will be worth an estimated $20 billion by 2022, according to Price Waterhouse Cooper. And the entire global e-learning sector will be worth a whopping $325 billion by 2025. So there is a big slice of pie for anyone who wants it. But the thing is, it can be a very toxic place with online services and online brands and online businesses comes unfortunately, a lot of immoral sales tactics, unchecked privilege is rife, and I am so fricking done with it. Maybe you are too.

There is something I've noticed that I like to refer to as the Bali Babe Business Model. And it's sort of seen as this main source of help for entrepreneurs, the blueprint if you like. And this Bali Babe Business Model appears to be built on three things. And I wonder as you're listening to this, let me know if you have spotted any of these. I wonder if this sounds familiar.

So the first thing is this faux-thority, this fake authority, and what I've noticed is a lot of these Bali, Babe coaches and service providers in the online business world are awarded respect because they are thin, they are white, they are cis-gender, they are conventionally pretty by Eurocentric standards, they're non-disabled and are buying their authority by Instagramming pictures of their new designers bag, rather than their actual methodologies, ideas and credentials. So first thing is, faux-thority. Look out for it.

The second thing is the overnight success story. That rags to riches, Cinderella tale of someone who quits their corporate job, goes it alone, and magically starts turning six figures overnight. You've seen that story, haven't you? Usually there's some leverage privilege at play, so borrowing money off a parent or living rent-free and a family friend's holiday home.

And the third thing that really strikes me about this widely accepted Bali Babe business model is the blaming and the shaming. Blaming and shaming prospects or clients using rhetoric such as, you're just not showing up enough. You're just not investing in yourself enough. You're not fully committed. And even you're not working out enough because apparently that's relevant. If we listen to what we're being bombarded with on social media, being a white woman in Bali, drinking out of a coconut and grinning at your MacBook, apparently is all you need to succeed with your online business. And that smells like some BS to me.

So let me set some expectations about what you're going to get in this space. What I and the Squirm-Free School of Business believe is that instead of relying on this faux-thority, we should value and develop true industry leaders who are focused on skillset, who are focused on community, who are focused on thought leadership, who are focused on a body of work, who prioritize connection. Instead of the overnight success story, we want to always tell the full story, including the fails, including the messy middle, and we support constant evolution and iteration. Success doesn't happen overnight, and you don't have to get it right first time. Instead of blaming and shaming folks in this space, we are committed to meeting people where they're at with compassion and understanding, whilst also working with folks on a conscious and a subconscious, a mindset level, to create long lasting results and long lasting sustainable change that doesn't disappear the moment you stop posting on Instagram.

And if you haven't guessed it, that is exactly what we are going to be prioritizing on the Study Notes podcast. And that is why I am so glad you're here. So if you are interested in getting access to yeah, a behind the scenes, all access pass to the exact proven techniques that I use with my clients to secure high ticket sales, to become the leader within their niche, to build a locker of golden testimonials, make good money, have tough conversations and build self confidence through every step of the way. And of course, we are going to be having lots of fun, yet important chats about everything to do with being an ethical entrepreneur in the online industries that we work within. Throw in some interviews with successful and inspiring business owners, some crucial mindset work, and lots of actionable tips to go away and work on, and you've got yourself one heck of a good time. So this is your official welcome to the Study Notes podcast. Let's get started.


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