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The choice to make more money is yours.

The privilege to teach you how to make it is ours.

The sustainable sales training program for folks made to make a difference.

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Coaches, consultants, communities, agencies, welcome. 

Roll up the blinds. Crack open the windows. Pull up a chair. Unload the uncomfortable social systems you’ve been carrying around inside your bag.

Now place everything you’ve been told about who you need to be, what you need to imitate, and how you need to identify and beautify to be financially successful in this bin 🗑️

We’re burning the old sales curriculum on a bonfire in a field right now, and toasting marshmallows over outdated, squirmy sales practices that rely on pressure, shame, assumptions, cliches and culty power dynamics to sell.

If you’re into damn-this-feels-good professional revolutions, and you dig our Squirm-Free mission, then hang on to your pencil case, pal.

Class is in session.

You are worthy of wealth, and your work is worth more money, you marvellous mollusc 🐙

If you’re reading this, you’re already brilliant at what you do and offer, but to meet the demands of your growing business, you’ve morphed into a magnificently busy octopus.

Yes. You read that right.

You're an exceptional octopus. And you’ve got a loving tentacle wrapped around every part of your business.

Email follow-ups? You write ‘em.
Meetings? You’re at ‘em.
Sales calls? You run ‘em.
Client demands? You’re all over ‘em.
Business development? You’re the whole bleeding department!

The question is…

Do you want to keep doing this awkward octopus thing, or trade in your tentacles for free time and hit your next financial goal without divvying up your energy eight different ways every morning?

Yeah. We thought so.

You want to consistently sell more.
We want to teach you how.

When you make Squirm-Free Sales Academy your school of choice, you’re making a decision to opt-out of marginalising sales practices, and opt-in to confident selling, a sustainable sales culture, a strategy that aligns with your values, data-backed decision making, and transformational money-making skills for your next phase of feel-good growth. 

And that’s a good thing for all of us. 

Because we all win when we earn ethically, authentically and inclusively.

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You know your value, you’re secure in your offer, but what you need now are the tools and time to create reliable, paced financial progress you can predict each month.

So you can swipe all the money you’re leaving on the table into your lovely coral den (read: business bank account). And to collect that kind of cash, you’ll need to create a Tupperware-lid-tight sales process. 

We want to make that process easy for you to act on and achieve.


 “This is not a ‘learn how to sell one thing one way' program. This is a ‘learn how to sell everything’ program.

It grows with you as you evolve, and it will equip you to sell for always.”

- Katy Prince

The full package of everything that's included in the Squirm-Free School of Business Coach Certification program.

Many training programs and coaching courses want you to play 'follow the leader'.

But you're the expert who got you this far.  

So stay in your leadership, please. And let’s take those business-growing strides side by side, eh?

We’ll teach you and your team the transferable sales skills you need. And you’ll be empowered to use them long after we’ve parted ways.


Forever-Relevant Sales Skills

Your oat milk has an expiry date, these skills don’t.

Like a treasured family heirloom, these'll only improve with age - at every future stage of your business.

A 'Burberry trench coat' strategy

No ‘fast fashion’ sales training here.

We design and deliver a timeless strategic education, then show you how to tailor it to fit you and what you do.

Sold-Out Arena Tour Confidence

You might not do the tour bit, but if you did fancy it, you’d deffo have the confidence.

You’re clear. Your energy has an impact. You’re a salesperson with a sales process.

See what some of our recent Squirm-Free graduates say about their experience working with us...

This all sounds grand, but how do I know if Sales Academy is right for me? 


✅  You run a solid service-based business, selling DFY or DWY services, coaching or consulting services, courses or programs

✅  You’re confident about at least one core offer or service (it’s ok if you need to tweak it slightly, but it should be 80% ready to sell)

✅  You have an audience and a marketing budget

✅  You're ready to develop transferable, forever-relevant sales skills that’ll stick with you through every season of your business (yes, even when you pivot)

✅  You’ve thrown your spaghetti. You’ve been around the block. This isn’t your first rodeo. You know what you’re doing in your business. And now you’re on the hunt for £££ results


❌  You run an e-commerce business, are an MLM consultant, or haven’t got a proven track record for getting client results 

❌  You haven’t figured out your signature offer or service yet

❌  You’re starting out with no audience and no mailing list (and don't plan to build one asap!)

❌  You’re looking for a “shiny unicorn strategy” or quick miracle fix

❌  This is your last ditch attempt at making your online business work. It's not within our values to accept clients who are in an urgent financial situation, or place of desperation.

If you're ready for me, boy. Push the button and get be know.

If you cruised through this exercise on a bicycle made of ‘hell-yeses’, then make like the Sugababes and push the button to apply for your spot. 

Apply now

Apply now for Squirm-Free Sales Academy 2022.

It's free to apply. We'll be in touch with you about your application within 24-48 hours.

🎓 Applying got you feeling a smidge "weird"? Please know: Applications are used to see if your business is suitable for the type of training we provide inside of the Academy. We're always 100% honest and judgement-free. There's no obligation to enrol, after applying. AND even if it's not a great fit right now, you'll still walk away with our suggested next steps. Win-win? 

Yay! Can't wait to connect with you soon, you form-submitting-legend. 


This is your high-touch sales training program

There’s so much value in the Academy, we’re spreading it over 6 or 12 months with you.
If you’re committed to building massive momentum in your business, or you’ve simply decided there’s no way you’re drifting through another coaching program...then you’ll bloody love it in here.

This is here-for-you-when-you-need-it-most sales training support.

Easy on-demand sales video sales training

6 months access

Learn at your own pace with access to the squirm-free library of sales, copywriting, and business-building resources, organised into 6 easy-peasy themed dashboards.

Delete ‘faffing about’ from your business vocab immediately. You shall never ‘faff’ again. This is the ultimate time-recovery toolkit.

A personalised and clear roadmap to sales success

75-min strategy-setting 1-1 kick-off call 

After you enrol, you'll book your Onboarding Call with a member of our team to map out YOUR plan for generating epic sales inside your business right away.

We'll talk with you about your priorities and challenges, so we can recommend where to start and what to focus on in the program.

Accessible Online Learning Environment

Closed captions available

We believe in making our live and pre-recorded training as accessible as possible.

Closed captions are available on all pre-recorded video content, as well as across our live coaching calls and call replays.

A laptop showing a screen of semester 4.

Weekly Office Hours

Your weekly Q+A-style touchpoint with Team Squirm-Free

Get unparalleled sales coaching and all your questions answered in a group setting.

Every single week we hop on a call and you will get the help you need to keep taking action in an intimate and supportive environment - plus you'll learn from other people’s challenges too.

All of your questions will be answered, all obstacles are addressed.

Monthly 1:1 "Tutorial" Calls

Your monthly 1:1 check-in call for even more personalised support and encouragement

You'll have the opportunity to book a private mentoring session each month with our coaching team during your 6 or 12 month term

We’ll review your successes, provide accountability for your numbers, and identify / tackle that one “big thing” that’s going to most move the needle during the month ahead...

A laptop showing a screen of semester 4.
A laptop showing a screen of semester 4.

Private Critique Service

Personal feedback on the work you create

The Team will review your key sales copy, call, pitch and webinar recordings, and give you individual line-by-line actionable feedback.

This means we'll review e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g in detail, ensuring we can help you spot missed opportunities, or how to tackle that certain objection even better next time. The critique service is completely private, with feedback sent directly to your inbox

Templates for DAYS

Done-for-you resources.

We're hooking you up with stacks of our best-ever templates for everything from DMs, captions, sales page copy, discovery calls and pitch scripts. 

We're holding NOTHING back, and we’ll teach you how to customise everything to authentically reflect your own voice, style or business needs.  

A laptop showing a screen of semester 4.

A rich n' varied call timetable and extra-curricular fun


🧪 Sales Skills Lab  (2x / month) - Facilitated practical sessions where you can practise your sales skills with personalised in-the-moment feedback and support 

💡 Open Forum - (1x / month) A topic-based discussion, led by current trends, challenges, or opportunities

🏃  Challenges + Sprints - (2-4 x / year) Your boost of action-taking and accountability. We collectively hone our focus, and take action together for 7-10 days, with daily coaching, prompts, and additional support to help you take consistent action. 

🎟 All-access pass to our events  - Including our virtual sales conference recordings, guest expert masterclasses, bonus sessions and workshops, and open days

Joining the Academy is a 6 month commitment.

£6000 in full / £1000 x 6 Payment Plan

Six-Months Access

⭐️ Includes 75-min 1:1 orientation + strategy call ⭐️

  • Simple and accessible video library of advanced sales training

  • Monthly 1-1 tutorial with Team Squirm-Free 

  • Weekly office hours to hash through your biz-specific questions 

  • Fortnightly Sales Skills Lab to practice and implement 

  • Quarterly Sales Strategy retreats (in-person and virtual available)

  • 2x "Sales Sprints" where you receive live daily support to take needle-moving action

  • Ticket to Squirm-Free Sales LIVE 2022 (+ for one team member)

  • Monthly Open Forum  to discuss market trends, challenges or opportunities with our community

  • All of the templates, Airtable bases, script structures and spreadsheets you'll need

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